6 reasons to choose composite decking

composite-deckingComposite decking is a common alternative to timber decking that’s often chosen for its green credentials and its convenience. Manufactured from recycled plastic, wood, and adhesive, composite decking is a durable and sturdy product which, although heavier than traditional timber decking, takes less time to install. So, why choose composite decking?

Fast installation cuts down costs

Composite decking is much quicker to install than traditional timber decking since it simply connects together with hidden fasteners. Most composite decking manufactures offer some type of tongue and groove application, meaning that it would be easy for an inexperience DIYer to install too! Plus, there’s no need to prepare or treat the decking before installation, which is a common part of the process when installing timber decking. The hidden fastener system offered by EnviroBuild means you get a 6mm gap between each board with no measuring necessary, perfect for quick jobs.

After installation, there’s minimal maintenance

Choosing composite decking means that you only need to clean your decking around once a year, depending on use of course! You don’t need to spend time coating or treating it so just a quick clean will do. A common mistake with timber decking is pressure washing it, which leads to splinters.

Hard-wearing decking with long life span

Timber decking is exposed to wear and tear, just like composite decking, which is why the timber needs treating and staining. Composite decking is so hard-wearing that it has a much longer life span than timber without needing any other attention.


Cost effective in the long term

Composite decking is cost-effective even though it’s a little bit more expensive than timber decking. You save on installation time, you don’t need to purchase treatments or timber stains, and minimal maintenance means there’s no labour costs! Composite decking pays for itself with its long life span.

granite-composite-deckingFree from splinters and slip-resistant

Composite decking doesn’t produce splinters since it’s not made from 100% timber. Pets and children are more likely to get splinters from timber decking since they’re excitable and running around. With composite decking there’s no risk of splinters for anyone, meaning you go can bare-foot in the summer. At the point of manufacture composite decking is treated to be slip-resistant too so there’s no more gingerly tip-toeing across the deck in winter or wet weather!

You get more options to suit your style

Perhaps the look of classic timber decking doesn’t appeal to you or you’d rather add a bold splash of colour then there are more options for you when choosing composite decking. Composite decking comes in many styles and colours from classic ash or hardwood-style to black or silver.

Our customer service advisors are trained regularly on our ranges so they’re best placed to offer advice and information on composite decking for you. Contact them on 01752 692 760 for an informal chat about your project, or to get help with quantities, pack sizes or building a quote! 

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