Acrypol Metal-Kote Waterproof Coating

Acrypol Metal Kote waterproof coatingWhat is Acrypol Metal-Kote?

Acrypol Metal-Kote is a waterproof coating used in the restoration of failing roofs to combat rusting, flaking and peeling and making metal and plastic coated roofs as good as new!

What can Acrypol Metal-Kote be used for?

  • Waterproofing and renovating all profiled metal
  • Protecting and preserving buildings
  • Repairing tears in metal roofs
  • Preventing drops in customer productivity when renovation is required – even applying to sterile environments

Why choose Acrypol Metal-Kote?

One single spray coating with Metal-Kote will restore a roof for approx. 40% of the cost of replacing it. Plus there is no costly downtime for your customer either. This gives contractors a competitive edge when budgets are tight. Other reasons for choosing Acrypol Metal-Kote include:

  • Seals in one single coat
  • 100% waterproofing formula
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Fast-acting formula

How does Acrypol Metal-Kote work?

Apply the solution direct to metal and plastic coated roofs, with no priming required.

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