Acrypol’s Nulife and System 10

Acrypol Nulife for roofing restoration

Acrypol NulifeAcrypol Nulife is a cold applied tile renovation solution, which restores roofing tiles to their original colour and condition. Nulife removes and protects against lichen, moss and fungi as well as protecting against porosity and frost damage.

Application is simple, requiring just a high pressure clean and coating tiles with a fungicidal solution, followed by two coats of Nulife.

The results are exceptional and long-lasting, not only making roofs look like new, but also improving performance and increasing life expectancy.

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Acrypol System 10 advanced roof waterproofing system

Restored roofAcrypol System 10 is a 100% waterproofing system which offers a cost effective alternative to roofing replacement. System 10 is seamless, extending its advanced level of waterproofing even to vulnerable areas, such as vent outlets and upstands.

Acrypol’s System 10 can extend the life expectancy of a roof by in excess of 10 years.

SYSTEM10-LOGOInstallation is year-round, fast and easy, and because System 10 is designed to overlay existing, worn out membranes, it is also highly cost effective.
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