Advance Roof Waterproofing from Acrypol

Advanced Roof WaterproofingAcrypol provide the ultimate protection in advance roof waterproofing with their all weather application system.

Suitable for commercial, industrial and public sector roofing the seamless and reinforced membrane offers a finish that is both attractive and waterproof even in the most vulnerable areas. The highest level of waterproofing is also applied to any vent outlets and upstands allowing the full roof to have a fully watertight finish at great value for money.

System 15 has been designed with easy installation and minimal disruption in mind and therefore adapts to the overlaying of existing and worn out membranes that are currently installed on almost any type of roof. The 15 year waterproofing system can be installed at any time of year thanks to the tough acrylic resin drying to an elastic finish that is both durable and prevents any water from passing through whilst permitting the escape of moisture that may be trapped.

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