Ariel Flat Glazing

ariel-roof-sheetsTake advantage of Ariel’s 10% limited time discount during the month of August on our extensive range of plastic glazing sheets.  The ultra-clear polycarbonate, acrylic and styrene glazing sheet options available cater for a wide variety of applications in the home and garden. Click here to view the products at their discounted price.

Liteglaze acrylic glazing can be used both internally and externally. The clear acrylic sheet is lightweight, easily cut and its UV resistant layer makes it an exceptional solution for outdoor applications such as greenhouse and shed glazing. The high light transmission and excellent scratch resistance also makes Liteglaze suitable for indoor projects such as room dividers, door panels and secondary double glazing.

Styrene is the ideal solution for interior glazing and design applications. The lightweight nature of the sheet lends itself perfectly for projects inside the home such as picture framing, shelving and display cases. It provides a cost effective alternative to glass and with 5 times the impact resistance, it is much stronger and safer. Styrene provides good optical clarity making it the preferred material for wallpaper protection and splashbacks. It can be easily cut and drilled using the most basic of tools.

Corotherm Flat polycarbonate glazing provides exceptional strength with an impact resistance around 200 times more than glass, perfect for the toughest glazing environments both internally and externally. Corotherm Flat has a dual sided UV protective layer, high light transmission, and excellent durability making it perfect for applications such as canopy, veranda and greenhouse glazing. The ‘Class 1’ fire rated polycarbonate sheet makes it one of the safest glazing material to use as it is highly resistant to fire, a key consideration for use within the home.

Properties Corotherm Flat Liteglaze Styrene
Impact Resistance Exceptional
200 times that of glass
7 times that of glass
5 times that of glass
Suitable for Exterior use Yes Yes No
Optical Clarity Good Good Good
Light Transmission 92% 92% 92%
Material Weight 2.4kg/m2 2.38kg/m2 2.1kg/m2
Thickness mm 4, 6 2, 4 2, 4


Flat Glazing accessories

The Liteglaze Glazing Strip can secure Ariel’s Glazing materials from 2mm to 4mm as secondary glazing to an existing window frame. The double sided tape means it can be fixed to wood or metal frames securely, allowing extra glazing to be added and removed when needed. The Liteglaze glazing strip is also suitable for fitting Styrene in internal glazing DIY projects e.g. splash backs and wallpaper protection.

Download the flat glazing fixing guide here

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