5 ways to avoid damage to your roof this Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us and across the UK, there are houses being covered head to toe in Christmas decorations! From inflatable snowmen to plastic Santas complete with reindeers and sleigh, this could mean damage to the exterior of your house this season (and a much more expensive Christmas than planned!) if you don’t handle with care. We’ve compiled our top tips and expert advice to help you avoid damage to your roof!

Christmas roof decorations

Avoid damage to your roof by steering clear of shingles

Hanging lights and decorations from shingles on your roof will cause damage. By nailing lights to the shingles you’ll create tiny holes, allowing moisture and water to seep into the first layer of the roof and cause rotting. The best way around this is to use tape instead, or to fasten the decorations with roof hooks.

Check for power lines and cables overhead

Keeping one eye out for overhead cables (power or otherwise) is a good idea if you want to avoid any Christmas mishaps. Flammable items like inflatable snowmen or an abundance of fairy lights are ok to add to your roof, but if they’re touching cables they become an instant fire hazard.

Test twinkling lights and electrical items

Testing electric decorations and lights saves your time, energy and your roof! Imagine lugging an entire reel of Christmas lights up a ladder and then finding out they don’t work! Checking and inspecting your lights will stop any unnecessary work and prevent any fire hazards. Check the cord, the bulbs and the plug for maximum safety.

Secure rooftop displays for a windy winter

Rooftop displays are a staple in many neighbourhoods but that’s exactly what you should avoid – staples! Well, really anything that will create a hole or imperfection in your roof (as mentioned above).  You can also avoid damage to your roof by making sure the display is secure in our typically British high winds!

Don’t rush the Christmas decoration take-down to avoid damage to your roof

When Christmas is over and you’re ready to take down your decorations, it pays to plan out what you’re going to do first and to do it slowly! Pulling down your decorations in a hurry is a surefire way to cause damage to your roof. If you take down the huge plastic Santa on your roof but only half of the fastenings have been undone, it could topple and cause untold damage!