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What can I use to deter birds from my property?

Birds can be a nuisance across all domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural areas so we’ve assembled our most popular bird deterrent methods. If you’re unsure which method may the be the best for your requirements please contact our customer service team on 01752 692 760.

Knotted bird control nettingbird-netting-seagull

Suitable for domestic and industrial roofs to stop birds from perching and nesting, knotted bird control netting can be purchased in a range of mesh sizes and colours to ensure it doesn’t prove an eyesore. Black, stone, and translucent mesh is available to match the exterior of your building.

Knotted bird control netting can protect against seagulls, pigeons, starlings, sparrows and more with different mesh sizes offering protection down to 19mm.  Simple to fit with staples, corner ties or screws, you can also have knotted bird netting cut to size to perfectly fit your project.

Anti-perch bird spikesstainless-steel-bird-spikes

Anti-perch bird spikes will stop birds from settling across the roofline of your building, inconveniencing tenants and causing damage. With snap-off points lending to easy installation, anti-perch bird spikes available from Roofing Superstore can be installed using spike adhesive, nails or screws.

Available in stainless steel and polycarbonate you can have your choice of narrow, medium or wide spikes depending on the area you need protecting and the type of birds you’re trying to avoid settling.

Agrilaser Autonomic

agrilaserAgrilaser Autonomic is an effective bird deterrent method that uses an automated laser to discourage birds from entering the surrounding area. The laser has the effect of an approaching danger so birds leave the area immediately and then perceive the area as perpetually unsafe, deterring them from nesting. It has a reach of over 2500 metres so the green beam is best suited for agricultural or industrial application such as in barns, factories, warehouses and hangars.

Perfect for pigeons, seagulls and bird species deemed as pests, birds will not become accustomed to the laser being present so this deterrent will remain effective.


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