Which hot air gun should I buy?

Ideal for roofers and floorlayers, hot-air barrel-type tools make precision jobs (e.g. welding tarpaulins, linoleum and roof membranes, heat-shrinking, shaping and removing) easy. But how do you choose the right one? The following ‘Professional’s Guide’ highlights the key features to compare when considering which hot air gun you should buy:

Motor life

Represents the expected number of ‘motor life’ hours. After the motor life expires, the product will need to be replaced.

Element life (hours)

Represents the expected number of ‘element life’ hours. After the original element expires, a new element can replace it.

Airflow rate

Represents the power behind the hot air flow. The higher the rate, the more precise the airflow, the more accurate the job.

Warranty period

Usually shown as a number of months and/or hours’ use


The wider the temperature variation, the wider the range of work possible with one tool


Will a specialised nozzle (window, soldering, welding, reduction) make your work faster/more effective? Could you increase the value of the product by using it across a wider range of projects? Check out available accessories for ideas on how to extend use of the product

Bonus feature: Preset programmes

A range of preset programmes means you won’t have to manually set the gun each time you use it

Still unsure which hot air gun to purchase? Steinel provides a range of indispensable tools for the professional trader, with a variety of applications including welding plastics, shrink tubing, shaping thermoplastics and stripping paint. An all-round recommendation for professional purposes with industry-leading features, the Steinel HG2620 E (also available as a money-saving kit) boasts a huge 10k hour motor life and 800-1000 element-hours. The HG2620 E offers the highest airflow rate of any heat gun on the market, ensuring hot air precision even working outside in winds. The product has a 12 month/10,000 hour warranty (see product data sheet), 4 individually programmable presets and a variable temperature between 50 and 700°C. Buy Steinel hot air guns here or view our full range of hot air gun products and accessories.

Using the HG2620 E to weld a flat roof corner