Cembrit Fibre Cement Slates

cembrit-fibre-cement-slates-continuous-ridgeThe new face of Cembrit fibre cement slates makes these textured slates sets the design apart from the rest. With the appearance of natural slate the Cembrit slates, these textured fibre cement slates feature performance and installation benefits that natural slate doesn’t have.

Cembrit slates are  manufactured to the highest of European Standards using both Portland cement and a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres and finished with a semi-matt acrylic coloured coating.

The Cembrit continuous ventilated ridge is compatible with all fibre cement slate brands and is lightweight making it easy to carry, cut and install. It features a low profile making it unobtrusive to the skyline in various angles and is available in the most popular colour for fibre cement slates – blue/black.