How do you choose the right VELUX® window?

When choosing your window, the first decision is dictated entirely by the type of roof and is a simple choice between flat roof windows or pitched roof windows. Anything between a 5-15° pitch will require a flat roof window and above this, a pitched roof window will be needed. This part of the selection process is straightforward. Once you know the dimensions of the opening where your VELUX window will be going, you can use our Velux Window Size Chart to find compatible pitched roof sizes. But what about all of the other features and designs which are available from VELUX? And, for trade customers, when should you recommend that your own customers upgrade their choice of window and how can you explain why?

Save money on energy bills with triple-glazing

VELUX windows are double-glazed as standard, so why not increase energy efficiency and add on another layer of protection? Triple-glazed windows feature a toughened outer-pane with an anti-dew & easy-to-clean coating, so eliminate external condensation. They also offer noise reduction, perfect for busier roads or beneath flight paths.

Choose the correct opening for your window placement

Whilst deciding between a centre-pivot opening or a top-hung opening is mainly down to personal preference, the selection can be influenced by the height of the window. If a window will be sitting at head-height (looking outwards), a top-hung window should be used to get a better view and more space in the room. If the window is higher up, it is better to use a centre-pivot window, as the sash pulls into the room and may obscure views. For windows which are too high to reach in person, a telescopic rod is available, or alternatively, consider an electric upgrade (see below).

Electric windows for total ease

Rain sensors and a fully programmable control pad make your VELUX windows even easier to operate, as automatic sensors close windows when they detect rain and hard-to-reach windows are no sweat. As well as assigning multiple windows to one control pad, you can also connect the blinds, awnings and roller shutters, to act as one or individually.

Protect a property with smoke ventilation

Comply with the relevant building regulations with a smoke ventilation upgrade for both flat roof and pitched roof windows. As soon as smoke is detected by the built-in sensors or the break glass point is activated, the window will open fully, assisting a rapid and safe escape. Smoke ventilation upgrades can also be used for regular ventilation as they may be operated from a single control box, perfect for ventilating industrial or commercial buildings.

Match your interior with white paint or pine

Follow tradition with natural lacquered pine finish VELUX windows or go modern with white-painted or white PU window finishes. Both windows look fantastic and can be found in any style (electric, smoke vented etc.) so pick the finish that’s right for your room and round off your project in style.

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