Decra Lightweight Roofing Tile

Decra, the world’s first lightweight roofing tile, is now being stocked at Roofing Superstore. From the Decra Classic tile to the Decra Oberon tile, we offer the full and comprehensive range of Decra products.

The Decra system in its entirety can be purchased with us, this includes the multiple accessories such as eaves, ridge and tile ventilators. The system is totally dry fixed throughout and all Decra tiles are designed to be not only economically viable but attractive too. The coated, galvanised steel panels are durable and lightweight but come with the added of advantage of having a natural, softer appearance. On top of this, the tiles are finished with a ceramic process so they have far greater colour stability than their heavier, harder to install concrete counterparts.

The Decra Classic is the traditional and original Decra tile from which the profile of the Decra tile range was born. They are available in 5 different colours and are specifically made to be easier to install as they need far fewer fixings yet are not the size of long run roofing sheets.

This lightweight roofing system also comes in Decra Elegance, which is a satin or high gloss finish, with the satin option emulating clay tiles in both appearance and to the touch.

Decra Stratos allows you to choose the appearance of a slate roof with all the upgrades and benefits of the Decra system. Not only do you receive the very attractive simple, linear accented design, you also get to choose between two colours.

If you’d like to opt for natural clay plain tiles with shingles, Decra Oberon is the tile for you. The tile offers the exact same appearance but removes the strain on the lightweight roof structure that would usually be found underneath a timber roofing shingle.

Decra Plus lightweight roofing tiles are the answer to any persistent roof vandalism problems. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, the tiles are secured at the top and the bottom edge so removing them is extremely difficult. This tile is so effective in vandalism reduction that it was awarded ‘Police Preferred Specification’ recognition and was internationally recognised by the Association of Chief Police Officers’ in their campaign to ‘design out crime’.

Although fitting and installing the Decra roofing system is easy and quick, we’ve provided a handy installation guide for every type of Decra tile. Simply click to the tile you’ve purchased and you’ll find it there.

For more information on the Decra lightweight roofing system please contact the Roofing Superstore team.