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What are the different types of VELUX roof window blinds?

VELUX roof window blinds are available in a huge array of sizes, colours and patterns (search Disney or Star Wars blinds for extra special designs). Depending on where and why they will be fitted, there are a number of added features and benefits to consider. Professional roof window fitters will often be asked advice about the different types of roof window blinds available. Alternatively, if you are a homeowner, you may want to better understand what your options are.

Choosing a blind fit for purpose makes the most of a roof space, such as a loft conversion or extension. With multiple options for both internal and external blinds, the features selected will differ depending on the project.

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Internal roof window blinds

What is the purpose of the blind? Is it intended to add an element of style to suit home decor or is function the most important factor?


Choose between manual, electric and solar operation.

A manually opening blind is the most common type, however, it may not be the best choice for hard-to-reach windows. Electric and solar operated roof window blinds allow for easy opening without the use of telescopic poles. With VELUX roof window blinds in particular it is possible to connect VELUX INTEGRA windows and their blinds to a single remote control allowing you to operate them all at once (or one by one) with the ease of clicking a button. Electric blinds can either be connected to the electricity in your home or they can be powered using solar energy, saving money on fuel bills.


Choose between an array of styles to suit your taste and your internal decor.

Much like regular window blinds, the styles available for roof window blinds include:

VELUX roller blinds

VELUX Venetian blinds

VELUX pleated blinds

Each style will provide a different look. The choice of blind style is selected based on personal preference or to complement the interior design of a property.



There are a couple of questions to ask when considering the functionality of roof window blind. Firstly, how dark you want a room to be when the blind is closed? Secondly, how important is it to choose a window blind that will increase the energy efficiency of your home?

Roof window blinds can shield a room against the sun’s UV rays. Most brands offer a range of blackout blinds that are designed to completely block out the sun even in the middle of the day, ensuring complete darkness. This is especially useful for children and babies’ rooms. For example, check out VELUX children’s blinds.

Multi-layered blinds are also available and allow you to choose from different levels of darkness depending on your requirements for the room. VELUX Duo Blackout blinds combine a pleated blind which softly diffuses natural daylight with another layer in a blackout material. This allows the option to close either blind type for the level of daylight preferred. This would be particularly useful for offices or cinema/gaming rooms where there are screens which may be affected by glare, for example.

VELUX also offer a blackout energy blind that gives privacy and darkness like other blackout blinds with the additional benefit of keeping a home warm up to 26% more than a normal blind would. This results in reduced energy consumption and can therefore contribute towards reducing the cost of heating or cooling a property.

For more information on the different types of roof window blinds available, speak to our helpline on 01752 692760 (Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm) or use our live chat facility.


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