EasyClean Glove from Roofing Superstore

This unique product is designed to remove both oil and latex based paints, spray paints, adhesives, oil, grease and grime from hands without harsh chemicals. It also cleans without scratching such things as sinks, showers, table tops, dishes, windows and many other products.


Just some of the highlights of the EasyClean Glove

  • Removes from your skin with the addition of just water substances such as oil & latex paints, oil, grease, dirt, adhesives, ink, caulk, nail polish.
  • Using mild cleaning solutions and water, the EasyClean Glove will clean without scratching sinks, showers, counters, golf clubs, table tops, cars, dishes, metal and non-stick pans, refrigerators, windows, floors, stains from clothes and many more.
  • Keep one in your garage, laundry room, kitchen, car or truck, for quick cleaning.
  • Replaces cleaners, solvents, cleansers, scouring pads, microfiber cloths, cleaning rags.

The advantages include:

  • no harsh chemicals are need in the cleaning process
  • no harmful by-products are produced when cleaning
  • it is odour free reusable up to 6 months – Just rinse dry & use again! This saves money and the environment.
  • multiple uses soft on the skin inexpensive convenient
  • one size fits all
  • environmentally considerate as removes the need for harsh chemicals
  • saves money
  • cleans without scratching surfaces
  • the EasyClean Glove out performs other products on all levels!

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