Environmentally friendly Envirotile is perfect for any durable pitched roofing

Envirotile - Envirionmentally Friendly Pitched Roofing TilesEnvirotile pitched roofing tiles offer unrivalled technical performance alongside an outstanding environmentally friendly recycled material design. Not only are the tiles good looking but they meet the highest standards, are extremely easy to lay and so provide quick installation. Envirotiles are fixed with innovative interlocking to hold each tile in eight different places, meaning each tile is secure to the roof and so can be laid anywhere, no matter the weather.

This tile is suitable for a vertical pitch roof from anywhere between 12.5° to 90°, one of the very few on the market that can accommodate such a low pitch. The strong and durable environmentally friendly Envirotile is perfect for any project and is well suited to both trade and DIY projects as the tiles are so lightweight and incredibly easy to install.

As the tiles are manufactured from polymer and polypropylene this composition helps ensure they’ll be no breaks in transportation and handling, minimising waste. At just £2.81 +VAT per tile and 25% faster to install than other conventional tiles, they’re a fantastic investment for your project!

You can find more information on Envirotile here or get in contact with our team who will be able to answer any questions. Alternatively use our live chat in the bottom right of your screen to contact an expert advisor in no time!Envirotile - Envirionmentally Friendly Pitched Roofing Tiles