FAKRO Conservation Roof Windows

fakro-window-in-roofFAKRO has an extensive range of conservation roof windows and also routinely manufactures products to bespoke design requirements. The characteristic features of such windows are their black vertical mullion bar, cladding and flashing (to RAL9005) but from a user’s perspective they offer all of our standard features and contemporary interior styling. As such, we offer a choice of natural pine, white PU-coated pine and PVC windows.

Whether for a listed building or a traditional barn conversion, FAKRO conservation style roof windows offer the critical facility to install them low within the roof line.

Three depth options are available to suit all coverings:

Standard depth (denoted by the last letter ‘V’ e.g. EZV) Installation 3cm higher than standard depth (denoted by the last letter ‘N’)

Installation 3cm lower than standard depth (denoted by the letter ‘J’)

For conservation roof windows ‘J’ flashings are most commonly used to provide the required low profile.

Flashings available are as follows:
EEJ/C – sheet metal roof coverings e.g. zinc, copper, stainless steel
ELJ/C – natural and man-made slates, etc. up to 8mm thick
EPJ/C – plain tiles (clay and concrete)
ESJ/C – shingles e.g. cedar, asphalt, felts etc.
EZJ/C – profiled roof coverings up to 45mm in depth e.g. Double Pantile