Why is good quality lead flashing important?

quality-lead-rollAll of our milled lead is manufactured in the UK to meet a British and European Standard. The BSEN 12588 comprises standards of durability, safe handling and the environmental impact that the lead has. To meet these rigid specifications the lead product also has to have a recycling rate of at least 90%.

Chemical composition of the lead, the surface condition and the behaviour of the lead at different thicknesses are also very notable points. This standard covers all lead designated for use in roofing, flashings, claddings, and building works similar to this so all milled lead should conform to this to be deemed high quality.

When a lead product is BSEN 12588 certified you can be sure that the product has a consistent structure with the thickness never varying by +/- 5% at any point. Producing milled/rolled lead is a very specific process so if BSEN 12588 isn’t met, the lead could have surface irregularities and could prove difficult or dangerous to manipulate.