Gutter-Clear Mesh Filter for Guttering Protection

Gutter-Clear-RSSFor guttering protection the Gutter-Clear Mesh Filter is a leader in its industry. Providing outstanding protection the new, innovative product is made in the UK and is available to you at our special launch price. £1.40 (+VAT) per metre is 30% off the RRP!

The award-winning design uses stainless steel spring clips and universal application to adapt to any gutter system, meaning the system is both easy to install, and easy to cut to length. Not only this but the Gutter-Clear Mesh Filter filters small debris like pine needles all whilst preserving the flow rate.

This strong but flexible mesh, with patent pending unique spring clip design, is one of the winners of the Green Apple award in Gold in the Products and Materials category.

View the Gutter-Clear Mesh Filter or contact a member of our team for more information.