Hambleside Danelaw: New Interlocking Dry Verge System


hambleside-danelaw-interlocking-dry-verge-systemNew to the Hambleside Danelaw tiled roof product range is the the HD IDV Interlocking Dry Verge system; An all-weather and mortar free IDV system which provides improved aesthetic appeal and design features compared to other options on the market.

What makes this dry verge system different is the attention to detail. The sculptured design gives style to the finished look, where numerous subtle details on the product minimise water staining from rainwater run-off and deliver performance. Plus all Hambleside Danelaw roofing products are easy and quick to install.

This interlocking dry verge system is designed to provide clearance for the installation of guttering, plus the ridge end caps are of universal designs with integral closures that suit either angle or half-round ridge tiles of most commonly available ridge tile types.