Haus Profi Lead Alternatives


Haus Profi products are designed for sealing abutments and pitch transitions on walls, dormers, chimneys, flat roof upstands and hanging slates/cills. In particular, they offer a range of options for sealing flues of gas and wood burning appliances through both pitched and flat roofs. Materials can be stretched by up to 30% without use of lead forming tools, enabling them to be used with deeply profiled concrete and clay tiles as well as slates, shingles, metal and polycarbonate. They can also be used at tight angles, having been designed for ease of installation without the need for skill and saves time.

Haus Profi is a part of a global manufacturer of building materials, the Monier Group.  With more than 20 years leading the field of developing lead substitutes, Haus Profi is an established brand in many countries of mainland Europe.