Hedgehog Gutter Brush

hedgehog-brush-stops-gutter-clutter The best product to combat gutter clutter is the Hedgehog gutter brush. This gutter guard keeps your gutter clear all year round no matter the weather. If your house is surrounded by trees it’s important to keep your gutters clear of leaves and twigs to avoid unnecessary blocked and broken pipes or guttering from overflowing water. The Hedgehog brush is available in three colours to suit and blend in with your the gutter on your house; black, white and brown.

The gutter brush protects your gutter from filling with leaves and depris by adapting to the gutter with it’s long polypropylene bristles. This design means that the the gutter brushes will fit most guttering systems and will last a long time so a 10 year guarantee is included with all gutter brushes.

If there’s clutter in your gutter get a brush here. Don’t forget to pick up a gutter scoop cleaner as well as some clips to keep the gutter guard secure. – We’re currently offering a Free Gutter Scoop with every order of 10 gutter brush lengths or more.