How to install a modular green roof

Modular green roofs are increasingly popular as the benefits of green roofs reach a wider audience. Domestic, commercial and industrial clients are finding the benefits of green roofs even more convincing when they learn how easy and fast it is to install. A small team of roofers could easily install a 200m2 green roof in a day. Some prep to the roof is necessary, including making sure the waterproof membrane is in tact and in good working order. Once this is checked, and replaced if necessary, it’s wise to lay a protective geotextile down too.

It’s advised that green roof installation is left to professionals as whilst it’s fairly easy, some consideration needs to be taken as to the roof structure, the weight load of the roof and some other details that a DIYer may not be aware of. As per health and safety regulation there must be a minimum of two people installing a green roof.

How to install a green roof with modular trays

As previously mentioned, the first step should be to roll out a geotextile across the entirety of the roof. This includes areas where there may be other landscaping objects being laid such as paving slabs.

1. If the roof includes hard landscaping like paving slabs or a gravel path, install an edging bar between this and where the green roof will be installed

2. Use paving support pads underneath paving slabs to prevent rips or tears to the geotextile and membrane. This will also spread the weight of the paving slabs easily so they won’t sink or slant over time and wear.

3. Install modular green roof trays from the furthest corner of the roof, clipping the trays together

4. Work inwards from the furthest corner to the point of exit on the roof to avoid standing on the vegetation wherever possible

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