Introducing the VELUX 360° Extension Experience

VELUX windows in an extensionIf you’re planning on building an extension, it’s important to consider the question of lighting. By increasing the size of a property, you reduce the amount of natural light that reaches each area. Roof windows offer a great solution to this issue, providing large amounts of natural light at affordable prices. This is where the VELUX 360° Extension Experience comes in.

What is the VELUX 360° Extension Experience?

Use the innovative VELUX 360° Extension Experience to get a realistic idea of how much roof windows can improve an extension. The tool immerses you in a 360° example of an extension, before and after the installation of VELUX roof windows. It is available on the VELUX website. The 360° Extension Experience also includes expert insights from architectural designer Charlie Luxton.

The VELUX 360° Extension Experience outlines the numerous benefits of adding roof windows to an extension. It also introduces the many additional features you can enjoy with a VELUX system, such as automated opening and closing, external smart rain sensors, and many varieties of VELUX blinds. Take a look around the interactive experience to see the difference an injection of daylight can make.

The VELUX 360° Extension Experience

The VELUX 360° Extension Experience in use

Which windows should I choose for my extension?

VELUX INTEGRA GGL Electric Roof WindowHere at Roofing Superstore, we have an extensive choice of roof windows for your extension project. Browse our range of pitched roof windows and flat roof windows from VELUX for inspiration. Check out the VELUX INTEGRA range for an advanced solution, featuring automated closing and rain sensors.

Plus, we also stock a host of VELUX blinds, including blinds for pitched roof windows, flat roof windows, and awning blinds. Control the light, heat and privacy of your extension with VELUX blinds.

If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right windows for your extension project, call our advisers on 01752 692 760 for more information and recommendations.