Klober Solar Panel Fixing Accessories, for New Dry Verge and Roofing Underlay

As well as manufacturing of some of the industry’s most widely used roof vents, dry fixing accessories and underlays, Klober now has a unique range of solar fixing accessories – the Solar-Line range. These can really make a PV or solar thermal job so much easier, whatever type of panel or rail system you’re using. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) now requires you to use a purpose-designed solar installation kit on any pitched roof, and all products of this type will need to be MCS certified by September of next year.

PV and ST cable outlets

pvst-cableThe Solar PV Cable Outlet Kit provides a watertight lead-through for cables to pass through concrete interlocking and plain tiles. You can route up to 8 cables of 4-8mm diameter each through it including those from a satellite dish or aerial. For the ST outlet, the nozzle can be cut to size to suit the system used. Its base tile is suitable for almost all tile profiles and a slate version is available too. Three colours of each are available.

Uniplus Solar Panel SupportUniplus solar panel support

The Uniplus Solar Panel Support removes any stresses on tiles or slates caused by PV rail fixings. It can be used with most clay, concrete interlocking tiles, plain tiles, natural slates and fibre-cement slates and has a variable fixing hole pattern for complete flexibility. Adaptors are available to suit a wide variety of rail systems and the product has been fully tested for wind uplift resistance and load bearing capacity.

Solar Outlet Sealing Collar (internal and external use)

Reducing energy loss through the roof is becoming increasingly important in both new builds and refurbs. Klober’s Solar Outlet Sealing Collar helps keep a roof ‘airtight’ and can be used internally and externally around pipes and cables. Collar sizes range include 8-12mm,

15-22mm, 25-32mm, 42-55mm and 50-70mm.

Easy-Form Solar Sealing collar (external use)

The Easy-Form® Solar Sealing Collar provides protection against rain and snow at head interlocking joints. It is easily mouldable to any tile shape, can be used with most standard solar hooks and has a high-tack butyl strip adhesive backing.

Easy-Form Tile Guard

If traditional metal hooks are used to support panels, Klober’s Easy-Form® Tile Guard should be fitted beneath them to prevent leaks if a tile breaks. The product is suitable for all tile and slate profiles and available in four colours.

Easy-Form Solar Flashing Apron

The Easy-Form® Solar Panel Flashing Apron is ideal for creating a watertight seal between PV or ST systems and the roof covering. Highly durable and available in four colours to blend with the roof covering, it can be stretched by up to 60%, allowing it to be moulded with even the deepest profile tiles.

Pipe Sealing Collar

This flexible EPDM pipe collar is ideal for creating airtight and windtight seals between the roofing underlay and pipes as they pass through the roof

Announcing the launch of Permo RS ‘Extreme’

Permo RS ExtremeAt last an underlay has been designed for low pitch roofs!  Klober’s Permo RS ‘Extreme’ is used where the minimum recommended pitch for the tile or slate can’t be achieved – as low as just 10°.  This makes it ideal for extensions, meaning you can use it with plain tiles normally laid at 40°! 

And finally the new Klober ‘Uni-Click’ Dry Verge…

With the success of the Klober Uni-Dry Verge we regularly receive feedback in terms of how to make the product even better. As a result, we have refined the design so that it can now be used for a wider batten gauge (260mm-350mm). It is now even easier to snap into place and we have even built in a new drip feature. So, for any roof from 12.5° – 90° the Uni-Click Dry Verge should prove to be the perfect answer.

For further information please contact our helpline on 01752 692 760.