LABC registered SuperFOIL – saving you time and money!


SuperFOIL Integrated Panel System or SFip’s is a method of making timber frame panels that deliver high performance with a thinner wall than traditional insulation as well as providing improved air tightness, low waste and saving on timber and labour, SFip’s can be made in the factory and arrive on site ready to position or made on site as a in a cut frame. Using 1 layer of SuperFOIL SF60 in a SFip will provide a U value of 0.18 SFip’s was a final 3 contender in the 2014 Build It awards for “innovation in insulation”.

Timber Frames

SuperFOIL is a great insulation for use in timber frame construction, it is SF19-ROOFpossible to create solutions from 0.18 using only 1 layer of SF60 to as low as 0.12 using 2 layers of SF40 or 0.1 using 2 layers SF60 in a typical timber frame construction. SuperFOIL’s light weight makes handling easier and roll size’s mean less cutting and less waste then traditional insulation materials.

Exeter University

The prestigious new build project at Exeter University needed a very high specification of thermal performance, reflecting the Universities desire for high performance, efficacy and its ecological outlook. The specification required a U-value of 0.1 which was achieved using a SFip’s panel that utilized 2 layers of SF60 to achieve maximum performance.

Wembley 2 an NHBC warranted project

Wembley 2 is a prestigious further development of the Wembley arena, consisting of high efficiency homes and commercial space. The developers required an insulation that was not only very high performance thermally but also a high speed, easy to install material that reduced waste on site as part of its commitment to its impressive environmental policy. SF40 was chosen to accompany foam board to achieve their target value of U 0.18.

The EU

European sales of SuperFOIL continue to grow with Eastern Europe the largest user of the worlds highest performance multifoil insulation SF60. Adding to SuperFOIL’s commitment to high performance innovative insulation across all of Europe SuperFOIL was recently awarded a Technical Approval (TA) by European leading test house ZAG. This means that SuperFOIL products SF19, SF40, SF60 and SFUF have all been independently assessed and approved for Europe by an EU notified Laboratory.


SFUF is SuperFOIL’s versatile thinner profile multifoil insulation, designed for use on floors SFUF has also found its self being used on walls are part of retrofits, under thatched rooks and in awkward to insulate spots in prestigious projects like No 1 Hyde Park the most expensive apartments in London. SFUF can be used in small single underfloor heating fit outs for small homes new or retrofit to large projects like the 5000sqm Battersea project.

Using SF in retrofit

SuperFOIL is an ideal material to use in retrofits, its light weight, it adds air tightness, its adds a radiant barrier. It has low waste and low mileage foot print. Compared with old fashioned insulation wool and board, SF is flexible and easy to install.

Using SF in new build

SuperFOIL is an ideal insulation to use in new build construction, it provides a light weight easy to install insulation that provides air tightness, a radiant barrier to add warmth in winter as well as keep things cooler in summer, It transports easily, is easy to cut and fit, it avoids the cold bridging associated with insulation between timber studs and is actually thinner in overall construction than traditional insulation materials between timbers. All U values from 0.18 to 0.1 are easily achieved. SuperFOIL is great insulation on its own and is easily combined with any other insulation.


superfoil-sf40Did you know that the highest performance multifoil insulation is actually a British product, that’s right SuperFOIL SF60 is the highest performance multifoil insulation in the world, bar non. As its name implies SF60 is made up from many layers of foil interlaced materials, 1 layer of SF60 – 100mm thick insulation in a wall structure will meet 0.18 in a wall to cover the new 2014 regs, it would take 300mm of low efficiency glass wool insulation to do that, no other multifoil insulation can match SF60, its a great British achievement.

Superfoil SF40

Going beyond basic insulation SuperFOIL has what we call our double performance product. SF40 is a thicker higher performance multilayer foil insulation product, it makes other foils look wimpish, SF40 can provide in 1 layer a U value of 0.24 , in 2 layers U 0.12 , etc, Its thick and substantial , SFBB-roofing-superstoreSF40 was voted as a top 3 insulation innovations product in the 2013 Build it awards

Strength is important with construction products, SuperFOIL uses a fully woven material in its insulations, with SF19, SF40, SF60, SFTV, SFUF all having fully woven core material, that makes SuperFOIL the strongest multifoil insulation, SuperFOIL can take the rigours of construction that other foil insulation just cant take.


SuperFOIL products are at the leading edge of developments in insulation, SF60 is already the world highest performance multifoil insulation and SuperFOIL recently introduced SFBB, a 100 % W1 waterproof Reflective breather Membrane that is among the most breathable of all breather membranes yet its highly reflective adding extra value to thermal performance when used in constructions such as wall and roofs. SFBB is a true reflective breathable being W1 waterproof, some reflective breathers even leading products are not W1 waterproof and for instance can only be used in wall cavities not roofs. The industry is aware that in energy saving every little helps and SFBB has significant advantage over old fashioned non reflective breathers membranes. Reflective air spaces created by using SFBB add considerably to the thermal performance of the construction. SFBB is 1.5m wide and comes in 25m and 50m long rolls.