Slate alternatives, interlocking pantiles and more from Roofing Superstore’s roof tiles range

Choosing the roof tiles to complete your roofing project is one of the decisions affecting aesthetics and finish. Whether you’re choosing slate, clay, cement or a slate alternative, our comprehensive range means you’ll find roof tiles to suit all tastes.

Marley Eternit Lincoln Clay Pantile roof tiles

marley eternit lincoln clay tilesThe first-of-its-kind in the UK, the Lincoln Clay Pantile from Marley Eternit has been manufactured to give the look of a traditional pantile, with the benefit of saving installation costs and time thanks to its design which includes a cloaked interlocking system. Suited to roofs with pitches as low as 17.5 degrees, the Lincoln meets the latest BS 5534 and NHBC fixing standards, so they’re proven to stand the tests and challenges that modern roofs face in all weather conditions.

Lincoln Clay Pantiles are designed with ‘s’ curves that adds to their aesthetic appeal. They are available in Natural Red and Rustic Red. Choose between a variant or smooth finish to match the roof tiles to the exterior of the building. These tiles will add natural and rustic beauty to any building whether you’re installing them on new houses, replacing old tiles on existing houses or completing a commercial project.

Eco Slate roof tiles

ecoslate roof tilesDurable yet pliable, Eco Slate is a synthetic alternative to Cambrian Slate. Made from 100% recycled materials Eco Slates look great and have the unique advantage of being self-bonding, allowing them to bond to form a single membrane, which will leave roofs more wind and weather resistant, as well as better insulated. These slates take half the time to install as traditional slate and given that they have slight colour variation to match the look of real slate too, an Ecoslate roof will look the part at half the cost. Pick from Old World Red or Grey to achieve the perfect look.

With no roof battens required, Eco Slate installation is simple. Just fit your slates straight onto plyboard or OSB and nail them down on top of a breathable underlay. We recommend using copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised nails to fix the Eco Slate onto your roof to achieve the best finish and most secure fit.

If you need help choosing any of our roof tiles, or you’d like recommendations for which would best fit your pitch or building exterior, contact our team of Roofing experts or use our live chat in the bottom right of the screen.