Lower Pitch Birkdale Fibre Cement Slate from Marley

Birkdale Low Pitch

Roofing Superstore and Marley Eternit are delighted to announce that the NEW Birkdale fibre cement slates can now achieve an impressive minimum pitch of just 15°.

As a result of continued dedication to product innovation, Birkdale slates now provide specifiers and contractors with more flexible design options when using fibre cement. Indeed, the launch of this low pitch fibre cement slate in the Birkdale range uses hook fixings to enable a traditional slate aesthetic to be achieved at a market leading low pitch.

With increasing requirements for a low pitch solution, driven by the ongoing demand for large commercial roofscapes alongside a recent surge in ground floor extensions, specifiers and contractors alike can benefit from the availability of this latest innovation from Marley Eternit.

Furthermore, Birkdale stands as a cost effective alternative to single lap resin slate as Sarah Harding, marketing manager at Marley Eternit, explains: “Whilst resin slates can be incredibly labour intensive and expensive to work with, Birkdale fibre cement slate is very easy to cut and unlike resin slate, does not require an angle grinder for resizing.”

This new innovation, boasts a range of industry leading sustainability credentials, including the ability to achieve the lowest environmental rating (A+), in the BRE Green Guide and can achieve up to six environmental credits with Marley Eternit’s BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing rating of ‘Very Good’ for its fibre cement product range. Additionally, this product, along with all Marley Eternit’s fibre cement slates, has a low carbon footprint of just 12.7 CO2e /m2 (based on 600 x 300 slate at 100mm lap), as independently certified by Carbon Trust Certification Ltd.

Fibre cement offers a wealth of sustainability properties throughout its whole lifecycle, with strong environmental credentials for the building and it can also be fully recycled at the end of its use. Indeed, waste fibre cement can be ground down and used to replace limestone and shale in clinker production, the essential ingredients for Portland cement. Using fibre cement in this way not only removes 100% of the fibre cement waste but also increases the sustainability of clinker production.

Birkdale fibre cement slate can be used as both a roofing and a cladding solution with a full range of matching fittings and accessories available to complement this product. This latest Birkdale innovation will sit alongside the current Birkdale slate offering, which uses nailed holed slates with rivet and nail fixings.