Manthorpe Flash Vent: weather tight roll-out for abutment roof details

manthorpe-flash-vent-abutmentProviding a weather tight solution for abutment roof details Manthorpe Flash Vent is an easy fit, roll-out system that ventilates down to a 15 degree pitch. Manufactured from just one component the flash vent is an economical way to ensure that the abutment roof detailing has the required airflow as well as maximising support.

There is no need for any specialist fixing tools as the roll-out system makes Manthorpe Flash Vent extremely quick and easy to install. Even with no specialist fixings this product will remain in place and secure as it has been tested rigorously in wind tunnels for use with over-profiled tiles, non profiled tiles and slates. The tiles underneath will not compromise the performance of Manthorpe Flash Vent as a series of nodules in the design lend themselves to flexibility and effectiveness.

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