Mardome Hi-Lights: See your home in a different light with 48-hour delivery

Mardome-DF-No-Kerb-Triple-Glazed-SECTION-Unit-V.01.6You’ll now have more choice of roof lights as we bring you the new streamlined range from Mardome, Hi-Lights. Available on 48-hour delivery, the new range has been cherry picked to feature all the essential roof light options to satisfy all of your project requirements.

Mardome roof lights are known for their superior design and performance so our customers will have peace of mind that their roof lights will stand the test of time. Featuring the most popular sizes and specifications across the range there’s guaranteed to be something to suit your needs and 48-hour delivery will also ensure that you can meet your project deadlines.

Glazed in clear polycarbonate Hi-Lights will brighten your home with a range of options for you to choose from. The windows are available in triple glazed and double glazed, opening and non-opening Mardomes on a PVC kerb, and single, double and triple glazed direct fix Mardomes. The redefined range comprises models in six key sizes from 600 x 600mm to 1200 x 1200mm.

mardome-hi-lights-shareBBA approved Mardome Hi-Lights were designed specifically for the flat roofing market with light-flooded kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms in mind. All Mardome Hi-Lights are available within a 48-hour lead time while the extended Mardome range will be available through special order.

You’re able to shop the range of Mardome Hi-Light roof lights here or if you need any assistance with building your order, please contact our customer service team of experts to help you.