New Eurodec Coping Stones


Eurodec have introduced a comprehensive range of high quality cast high strength concrete flat, once and twice weathered coping stones to perfectly complement any walling project. In addition pier caps, returns and stop ends are also available. Sizes start from 140mm wide and increase to 600mm, bespoke sizes can be made to order.

Unlike most coping stones manufacturers Eurodec are not volume producers, instead the emphasis in about quality at competitive prices. All copings are hand made using a combination of artisan skills and advanced manufacturing techniques thereby ensuring the product you receive is uniform in size, colour and strength.

Whilst our pure smooth finishes and vibrant colours harmonize within the surrounding architecture they also perform the important function of protecting walls from rainwater ingress. All our copings are designed with substantial drip-grooves to channel water away.

Similarly the underside is subject to a specialist finishing process to greatly improve the surface key. This means when properly fixed, there is significantly less risk of detachment, a problem associated with mass produced copings. For total peace of mind Eurodec have developed an advanced structural adhesive specifically designed for bonding copings. Quicker and easier to use than mortar this innovative system will adhere to almost any surface, contact the sale team for more information.