PIR board availability back to normal

pir-board-back-in-stockAn explosion at a chemical manufacturing plant in Germany last year seriously affected the supply of PIR boards across Europe. The plant belonged to BASF, who manufacture a large percentage of one of the key chemical ingredients for the creation of PIR boards. This terrible accident claimed the lives of two firefighters trying to tackle the blaze and injured several others too. Alongside this the resulting factory shut down initiated a shortage of PIR boards across Europe.

We’ve been dealing with a limited supply of PIR boards ever since, so we’re happy to report that PIR supply is back to regular levels. Production has increased and we’re no longer expecting delays on deliveries. Our most popular brands such as Celotex and Kingspan are available in larger runs once again, so it is no longer essential to contact us before ordering as we previously advised.

For more information on this please contact us on 01752 692 760 or browse our selection of readily-available PIR boards. Thank you for your patience during this time.