Prepare your home for Autumn and Winter with Ariel Plastics

With autumn and winter just on the horizon now is the perfect time to be thinking about preparing your home and your garden for any adverse weather. The core product range from Ariel Plastics is a great place to start for everything from DIY home improvement, small commercial building, and agricultural building. Corotherm multiwall polycarbonate, Vistalux corrugated PVC, and Coroline corrugated bituminous roofing sheets are all offered with easy to follow installation videos and accessories.

CorolineCoroline is a strong, durable, and lightweight roofing sheet manufactured from bitumen saturated organic fibres. The corrugated structure is simple to handle and easy to install, meaning it takes less time to implement than some other alternative roof sheets.

Non-toxic, free from asbestos and environmentally friendly, Coroline is the perfect solution for garden sheds, agricultural buildings and garage roofs as the material does not rust, rot or become brittle. Coroline also comes with a 15-year waterproof guarantee and a choice of colours so you can customise your roofing system to you.

Corotherm-ariel-plasticsCorotherm is an easy to cut and easy to install multiwall polycarbonate-roofing sheet. The online guide from Ariel Plastics provides instructions step-by-step and advice on the tools and materials you need. Available in clear, bronze, and opal, Corotherm is lightweight, thermally insulating and offers higher impact resistance than glass. Ideal for outdoor projects or conservatories, verandas and canopies, this multiwall roof sheeting comes in a choice of light transmitting and solar controlling tints.

Vistalux is corrugated PVC that offers homeowners light transmission and optical clarity three times higher than vertical glazing. Complete with an online guide, maintenance guide and product warranty this lightweight roofing sheet is available in different profiles.