Preventing accidents before they happen

According to the Health and Safety Executive, seven people on average are killed each year in the UK after falling through fragile rooflights or unstable roofs, with many others left permanently disabled. This accounts for almost one-fifth of all fatal accidents in the construction industry resulting from a fall from a height.

Rooftop working is particularly hazardous in winter – ice, snow and wind present obvious dangers, while some surfaces (particularly membrane) are especially slippery in wet conditions and should be avoided. Rooflights aren’t always clearly visible either, particularly in low winter light or if covered by leaves.

Roofing Superstore supplier and rooflight manufacturer Whitesales can help!

If you or your customers are concerned about the stability of existing rooflights, Whitesales’ expert team will assess them for damage, replace those that are unsafe and offer full technical support throughout, from site surveys to condition reports. Whitesales’ in-depth knowledge of industry regulations ensures up-to-date advice on fully compliant solutions to suit your needs, helping to make your roof as safe as possible.

You can find a wealth of information about safe rooftop working practices on the HSE website at

For expert advice, contact our Roofing Superstore helpline on 01752 692 760.