Protect your gutters for less with 10% off Gutter-Clear

You can now protect your drains against blockages and other debris for less. With the award-winning Gutter-Clear mesh you can be assured that your drains will function at the same capacity as usual even with the mesh guard fitted.

Easy to cut to length and suiting all drain types, the Gutter-Clear comes with a 10-year guarantee and now 10% off. Gutter flow rate will not be reduced at all but your gutter will be protected from any blockages of leaves, moss, and pine needles, not to mention other debris that would typically cause problems.

Winner of the Green Apple Gold Award in 2014 for Products & Materials, Gutter-Clear has been reduced by 10% to just £8.95 (ex VAT) for a 5m roll. Simply enter the code GUTTERMESH1 at checkout to claim your discount*.

Talk to one of our customer service team for help and advice, or purchase your Gutter-Clear here.


*Please note that the discount code must be used before placing an order and no discount will be given retrospectively after the order has been placed.