Acrypol’s Quartzdek: A simple waterproof coating offering roof protection and anti-skid properties

Quartzdek-acrypolQuartzdek from Acrypol is a waterproof floor coating suitable for balconies and terraces which makes use of a granulated surface to provide excellent anti-slip and skid properties. This weather-resistant surface can perfectly complement existing external building colours and finishings with a range of variegated colours available. High quality and a brand known for durability the sealer and primer are manufactured to withstand any abrasion and protect the granules. The application of this coating is simple and easy to complete.

Quartzdek application steps

Quartzdek coating can only be applied to clean and dry surfaces when the outdoor temperature is above 5 degrees. Once these conditions are available:

  • Apply Quartzdek Sealer to the area, using a 5 litre tin to cover a 35m2 area. Allow the sealer 2 hours to dry.
  • Apply Quartzdek Resin in 0.5 metre wide strips at 1m2 per 0.5KG tin. Whilst resin is still wet generously sprinkle Quartzdek Granules onto the surface covering 1m2 with 3KG of granules.
  • Allow this coat to dry overnight before applying another 1m2 per 0.5KG tin resin coat.
  • Once this has dried overnight the coating is complete and already protecting and waterproofing your roof. The full application guide is downloadable.

Quartzdek can be used over concrete, cement, asphalt, and even quarry ceramic tiles. Whether your exterior trimmings are in the ever-popular Anthracite Grey or finished in a classic red tone there’s a combination of granules able to match. Available in: silver grey with light grey & black, red with light grey & black, and yellow with light grey & black.

For help with product application or to build an order of the materials you need for this installation please contact our dedicated customer service team or take advantage of our live chat to the right. We’ll be happy to assist with anything you might need.