Roofing Superstore Gives You More Choice on Dry Fix Products

Dry fix systems and products are quick and clean to install and with no sand or cement, dry fix is a great option for Winter.
Competitive prices, a wide choice of leading brands and everything you need to complete your project.

Dry Verge: Featured Products


We offer some of the very best Dry Verge products available including individual dry verge units, PVC continuous dry verge and GRP continuous dry verge. Dry verge products offer both a simple to use option as well as and an effective way of securely fixing concrete interlocking tiles even without the use of mortar.

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Dry Vent Ridge & Hip Packs: Featured Products

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Our variety of dry fix ridges and hips are easy to use and reliable! From leading brands Redland, Manthorpe, Klober, Marley, Forticrete and Hambleside Danelaw we offer a wide choice of dry vent hip and ridge packs that are simple to install without the use of mortar.


GRP Dry Fix Valley Troughs: Featured Products

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GRP Dry Fix Valley Troughs come at an affordable price with durability and reliability guaranteed from our range of leading brands. We stock products from market experts such as FILON, Harcon, Hambleside Danelaw and many more.


Dry Ridge & Hip Systems: Featured Products


Dry ridge and hip systems are notoriously easy to install and our product lines are no different. With the added advantage that these systems can be installed in any weather conditions, we stock industry leaders to ensure that you’ve got the most and best choice for your project.

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Manthorpe: Featured Brand

Our widest range of Dry Fix products from leading supplier, Manthorpe


We proudly stock a large range of products from Manthorpe, at fantastic prices. Their reliable, easy-to-install, mortar-less dry fix systems are known for their durability and pleasing aesthetic qualities.