SF19BB: SuperFOILs First Fully Breathable Insulation

SF19BB-layerSF19BB, is a waterproof reflective and fully breathable insulation, meaning that this new SuperFOIL product provides a 3 in 1 solution. It is the roofs breather membrane, the secondary rain barrier and the insulation as well so because of this products multiple useful properties the number of products and the number of battens needed is reduced ultimately saving time spent on the roof. SuperFOILs SF19BB is a lightweight, easy to handle and easy to cut and fix product that saves time and money. Its flexibility and reduced waste helps both ecologically and economically with the SF19BB’s reflective outer faces contributing to additional thermal performance and when calculating U values to EN6946 the resulting reflective air gaps add significantly to the performance for no additional cost.

SF19BB is manufactured using the latest sonic construction methods and incorporates nano coating materials to provide excellent performance. SF19BB is a leap forward from existing materials on the market.

Enhanced performance, ease of use and economy are all fulfilled with the use of SF19BB.
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