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What size roof window blinds do I need?

What size roof window blinds do I needAre you thinking about purchasing a blind for your roof window? The most important question to ask yourself is what size roof window blinds you need. If the window is a new purchase, speak to the team selling it to you for advice you on your best options.

But what if you are ordering online and help isn’t available? Or what if you are buying blinds for windows that already exist in your property? Where do you start? There are a few questions you will need to ask yourself to help you buy the right product.

Today’s roof window blinds offer style as well as functionality. There are a whole variety of different types of blinds which offer design features you may or may not have considered. For example, did you know that your blinds could keep your home warmer by up to 26%? Energy efficiency is just one of many features available to you when purchasing blinds.

What size roof window blinds do I need for my VELUX window?

VELUX is one of the most recognised and popular roof window brands in the UK today. VELUX roof window blinds offer all the styles and features you would expect from this leading household name, for all of the pitched roof windows they produce. Choosing the correct size roof window blind for your VELUX window is really straightforward, too. Just follow these steps.

Every type and size of VELUX roof window has a corresponding code which identifies the product. To find this code, simply open the window and locate a small data plate on the top edge of the window. On older models, this plate may be on the bottom of the window itself, or on the sides or surround. This code is all you will need to be able to choose the right VELUX roof window blind.

The code on the plate will consist of letters and numbers. The second section of the code is the part which indicates the size of the window. For example, on a VELUX window with the code GGL CK02 2070, the reference for size is CK02.

The video below will help you to locate the data plate for your VELUX window:


Filter your options from the menu on the left hand side of our site, speak to your contractor or call our helpline with the information and you will ensure that you get the right sized blind for your window.

Finding the right roof window blinds for other makes of window

RoofLite, Fakro and other brands of roof window blind are available. Again, size is the key to finding what size roof window blinds you need. The majority of brands will have an identification plate similar to that of VELUX above. This plate, like with the VELUX windows, will identify the type and size of the product.

If you need help or assistance finding the right roof window blinds, call our friendly team of advisers on 01752 692 760. Alternatively, use the live chat function in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.


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