Slip-free Waterproof Surfaces from Acrypol

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Acrypol quartzdek applied to stairsWhat is Acrypol Quartzdek?

What can Acrypol Quartzdek be used for?

  • Quartzdek may be used over concrete, ashpalt, cement and quarry ceramic tiles.  Suggested applications include flat roofs, walkways, risers, balconies, exterior stairs and roof gardens.

Why choose Acrypol Quartzdek anti-slip flooring and surfaces solution?

  • It offers high-performance waterproofing
  • It has a high BRE rating and provides a safe, slip-resistant surface for all foot traffic, in both wet and dry conditions
  • It is fast, easy to install and takes just a matter of hours to dry
  • It may be applied in low temperatures
  • It uses real quartz granules, which looks great!

How does Acrypol Quartzdek work?

  • The solution should be sealed and bonded with a layer of resin, over a super-tough, flexible polyurethane waterproof resin.

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