SuperFOIL helps wrap up world record challenge!

Russian adventurer, Fedor Konyukhov has completed his hot air balloon circumnavigation of the world, claiming a new world record. Fedor’s journey took just 11 days and was completed on 23 July.

What an achievement!

For this feat of human endurance and engineering innovation, thermal insulation materials were required to help protect the balloon from the extreme elements experienced by Fedor during his flight. As a result, the Roziere 550 Balloon, made in the UK by Cameron Balloons Ltd is insulated with SuperFOIL SFTV Thermal Insulation.

In addition to the SuperFOIL SFTV original product, a customised version was provided to meet the specifications needed. This was laminated with a layer of a special thermo-foam. The SuperFOIL materials created the outer insulating layers surrounding the inner gas filled balloons.

For more details about the adventure, watch the video below, and for information on the construction of the balloon, visit