Supporting British manufacturers

What does the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign stand for?

The official ‘Made in Britain’ campaign supports and promotes British manufacturing both in the UK and abroad.

For a company to qualify as a ‘British manufacturer’ under the campaign, it must make its products in the UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and demonstrate that either all of its production and manufacturing takes place in the UK or that a final substantial change to the product has been made in the UK prior to going on sale.

A company manufacturing its products in Britain does not have to have membership to the scheme to be considered a ‘British manufacturer’, however, membership of this campaign provides reassurance of a product’s origin as a consumer.

How do you recognise a ‘Made in Britain’ manufacturer?

You will recognise a ‘Made in Britain’ manufacturer by its use of the ‘Made in Britain’ marque. This marque includes a distinctive visual representation of the Union Jack which has a red arrow built in to its form.

CMO supplier Graham Robinson, the inventor of the award-winning LadderM8rix (a range of high quality ladder safety devices) said “We are a British manufacturer of ladder anti-slip devices and are a member of Made in Britain. We have always strived to create and develop quality and robust products that we believe the UK industry is renowned for. In recent years, we have found that more and more of our clients are favouring UK made products over those produced overseas. The Made in Britain membership is a great tool to promote and celebrate British made products.”