Top 10 advantages of aluminium roof sheets

Metal Roofing System

Aluminium roof sheets are incredibly popular amongst roofers and contractors, and there are several good reasons why you should choose aluminium for your next project. Not only is it a versatile material that will be well-suited and structurally sound on a range of agricultural and outbuildings, it’s easy to work with too so it can be used for DIY roofing projects. Garden studios, workshops and even home offices can benefit from being topped with metal roof sheets instead of other traditional roofing materials as they can be less expensive overall and easier to install for a beginner DIYer.

1. Easy installation

Aluminium roofing sheets are really easy to install – all you have to do is cut the sheets to size and fasten to the roof trusses. This can save you time, money and energy.

2. Lightweight roof sheets

Aluminium is incredibly light in comparison to other roofing sheets. This makes transportation much easier and doesn’t add much weight to the overall building structure.

3. Strong

Aluminium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal, evenMetal roof sheets superior to steel. This makes it an incredibly strong material, which combined with its light weight makes it a great roofing material.

4. Aluminium roof sheets are corrosion resistant

Aluminium is corrosion resistant, and unlike other metals, does not rust or corrode, even in highly industrial or corrosive environments.

5. Energy saving

Aluminium reflects the sun, meaning that in the summer the building will remain cool, despite increasing temperatures outside. It also helps maintain the heat inside the house in the winter, reducing heating costs and saving energy.

6. Environmentally friendly

Aluminium sheets used for roofing can consist of up to 90% recycled material, meaning it’s the perfect choice for those environmentally conscious.

7. Robust aluminium roof sheets boast longevity

Aluminium roofs can last up to 50 years, perhaps even longer, so although the initial cost may seem high it is a long term investment. Other roofing sheets may only last 10-12 years, so replacing these up to 5 more times will inevitably add costs on to the initial price.

8. Malleability

Aluminium sheeting is much more malleable than the alternatives, meaning that it can be easily moulded into different shapes.

9. Aesthetics

Aluminium roofing sheets can often be very aesthetically pleasing, giving a modern, contemporary look to your project. However, they can also be coated to provide a range of different finishes.

10. Safety

Aluminium roofing sheets are non-combustible and non-flammable, and their superior strength combined with a great energy absorption level means that they have a higher resistance to denting than other metal sheets, which makes them safe against fires and falling objects.

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