Tried and tested air tightness system

Not complex or complicated, easy to use and durable.

AirGuard Reflective

100% air tight air & vapour control layer (AVCL)

Boost your thermal insulation with this highly vapour resistant, airtight and water resistant reflective vapour barrier.

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Tyvek StructureGuard

The professional choice for commercial buildings

A durable and lightweight membrane with exceptional airtightness that provides long-lasting protection against the elements.

Ideal for timber walls, metal-frame systems, masonry and internal insulation upgrades.

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Supro and Supro Plus roofing felt

Airtight and extremely water-resistant membrane

Market leading breather membrane providing superior air and moisture management for commercial and residential buildings.

Upgrade to Supro Plus with integrated tape.

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With Dupont Tyvek acrylic tapes and flashing tapes

FlexWrap NF flashing tapeFlexWrap NF flashing tape


FlexWrap EZ flashing tapeFlexWrap EZ flashing tape


DuPont Tyvek acrylic single sided tapeDuPont Tyvek acrylic single sided tape


DuPont Tyvek acrylic double sided tapeDuPont Tyvek acrylic double sided tape