Using a ladder – Staying safe in the winter months

You always need to stay safe when using a ladder whatever time of the year, but even more so in the cold, wet, slippery months of winter. Whether you’re a home owner hanging up Christmas lights or emptying gutters, or a professional roofer, painter or window cleaner, whatever your reason to use a ladder, using the correct ladder safety device is imperative.

According to a report from the CPSC (Consumer Public Safety Commission), more than 90,000 people need emergency treatment from ladder-related injuries each year. With the majority of these injuries caused by a failure to take the relevant safety precautions when using a ladder during the winter months. So, how do you avoid a ladder accident? Here are a hand full of safety tips for people who plan to use ladders in the winter weather, when the risk is much greater!

Firstly, if you don’t feel comfortable doing outdoor ladder work in winter weather, don’t. If you decide to proceed then work through these tips (refer to the HSE ‘Safe use of ladders and stepladders‘ guide for full list).

  • Inspect the ladder, checking it for any damage or lose runs
  • Ensure your ladder is the correct length to safely reach the height you need to complete your work
  • Make sure the ladder angle is at 75°
  • Always grip the ladder and face the rungs while climbing or descending
  • Always maintain three points of contact when climbing (this means a hand and two feet)
  • For a leaning ladder, you should secure it (e.g. by tying the ladder to prevent it from slipping either sideways or outwards) and have a strong upper resting point
  • You could also use an effective stability device

Ladder Safety Devices / Stability Devices

To ensure you are following the safety tips and using the right tools for the job, we always recommend you use an adequate Ladder anti-slip device.

The LadderM8rix ladder anti slip range secures the base of the ladder safely by a means of reducing the risk of the foot of the ladder slipping. The LadderM8rix range provides a safe, stable platform when working at height on ladders and they can be placed on a range of different surfaces including concrete, grass, pebbles, marble, tiles, moss, decking, paving slabs, tarmac, snow and even solid ice! Because the LadderM8rix is effective on ice, it is an ideal tool to help you complete any outdoor ladder work in the winter months!

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