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Why upgrade to VELUX electric windows?

Buying a VELUX window is now even easier using Roofing Superstore’s bespoke window selector. Once you’ve chosen your window type and selected the right size and glazing for your project, you need to indicate the type of control mode for the window. This means making a choice between a manual window or purchasing an upgrade to VELUX electric windows, otherwise known as the VELUX Integra (Integra can be either electric or solar).

Whether you’re looking to purchase a roof window yourself or you are in the trade and need a handy reference guide to share with your customers, find out more about the key benefits of upgrading to VELUX electric windows below:

Upgrade to VELUX electric windows for hard-to-reach areas

If you’re installing an opening window which is difficult to reach, upgrading to VELUX electric windows is the obvious solution. Once the window is installed, the remote control is then used to open, close and programme it.


The benefits of VELUX Integra for any application

The benefits of fitting an electric upgrade extend to more than just window access:

Rain sensors

Rain sensors are one of the most convenient electric features. All electric and solar powered VELUX Integra windows are fitted with a rain sensor that automatically closes the window when it detects rain, whether you’re in another room or out of the house.

Improve ventilation and comfort in the home

VELUX electric windows also allow for a schedule to be programmed into the remote control. Windows can be programmed to open in summer for example 20 minutes before arriving home from work, allowing ventilation throughout the home.

Keeping the home secure

Pair VELUX electric blinds with a VELUX electric windows to deter intruders – on leaving, close all roof windows with a single touch, securing your home. Programme blinds to open and close throughout the day, implying your home is occupied. Plus, with optional frame lights, the control can even be set up to illuminate off and on at different intervals.

Simple to use with pre-defined programmes

There are 8 pre-defined programmes with the VELUX electric upgrade, making use of the control panel even simpler. Programmes (which include a ‘good night’ feature and a ‘good morning’ wake-up call) help to assist heating, cooling, ventilation and can even control lighting.


Optional extras for VELUX electric windows

Solar and electric VELUX Integra windows feature laminated double-glazing as standard. However, your project may require glazing upgrades that offer even more.

Noise reduction

Specialist noise reduction glazing combats external noise (such as rain, hail and car alarms) when the window is closed.

Improved energy efficiency

Optional energy-saving triple-glazed electric VELUX windows have a toughened outer pane alongside the original laminated inner pane of standard glazing. This extra layer increases the window’s energy performance and the outer pane eliminates the build-up of condensation.


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