Measure your roof pitch with the VELUX mobile app

The pitch of a roof determines what you can and can’t do with it, as well as which materials can be applied. For example, there are tiles which state a minimum pitch specification for installation purposes. Roof pitch is therefore a key factor in the selection of roofing materials, including roof windows.

The height and fit of your roof window is subject to the pitch of the roof – the lower the roof pitch is, the longer the roof window you will need. VELUX provide a free mobile app, useful for both trade professionals and DIY builders alike, which will ensure that you are confident of your roof pitch measurement prior to ordering your VELUX window.

How do I measure the pitch of my roof using the VELUX app?

Smartphone and tablet users can measure the pitch of a roof using the VELUX app. The app features in-built gyroscopic technology to analyse the pitch of the roof to one decimal place. Able to measure pitches up to 80 degrees, it’s suitable for both domestic and industrial purposes, so whatever your roofing project, you can be confident that you are ordering the right materials.

You’ll find the app available to download on iTunes here and on the Google Play store here.