What VELUX flashing do I need?

velux-windowsThe VELUX flashing that you need depends on the material of the roof and the types of finishing touches you might want. For example, choosing the correct flashing for your roof material is essential but you can choose freely whether you’d like recessed or standard roof windows. Other options include adding additional energy efficiency and eliminating cold bridging. Below is a small list of things you need to know in order to choose the correct VELUX flashing kit. Click on the questions to find out which VELUX flashing you’ll need for any of the outcomes.

To choose the right VELUX flashing you need to know:

1. What type of tile is on your roof?

2. Do you want standard or recessed installation?

3. Do you want any optional extras, like increased energy efficiency?

What type of tile is on your roof?

Just like how a pitched roof window must be installed between a certain pitch, flashing kits are the same. The flashing kit must match the roof pitch and naturally then it will match the roof window. It’s essential to choose the flashing kit that’s compatible with whatever material is on the roof. Different types of tiles and materials have different requirements. VELUX produce a tile flashing, a slate flashing, and a plain tile flashing across their range of pitch roof windows.

For a 15-90° tile roof, choose VELUX EDW flashing kit

This flashing kit is compatible for tile roofs with tiles up to 120mm in profile. The flexibility of the flashing means it’s compatible with many tile profiles, including profiles which feature many troughs and peaks. This particular flashing kit is suited to interlocking tiles, thatch tiles and profile sheet roofing too. Choose your size of VELUX EDW flashing kits.

For a 15-90° slate roof, choose VELUX EDL flashing kit

This VELUX flashing kit, VELUX EDL, is suited to slate roofs with slate profiles of up to 8mm thick. Unfortunately this kit isn’t compatible with interlocking slates, for this you should use the EDW kit mentioned above. Choose your size of VELUX EDL flashing kits.

For a 25-90° plain tile roof, choose VELUX EDP flashing kit

VELUX EDP flashing kit is compatible with any plain tile roof with a minimum pitch of 25 degrees. There is also a maximum length of plain tile this flashing is compatible with – 300mm. Plain tiles can’t be above 14mm for this flashing to be effective. Choose your size of VELUX EDP flashing kits.


For a 10-75° tile roof, choose VELUX EAW low pitch flashing kit

VELUX EAW low pitch flashing kits are for tiled roofs with a maximum profile of 120mm. Sometimes known as a VELUX mini dormer flashing kit, this particular flashing kit is designed for use with roof windows in a roof with a minimum pitch of 10 degrees. The usual minimum roof pitch for VELUX windows is 15 degrees so this flashing gives a lot of flexibility in design for low pitch roofs. Choose your size of VELUX EAW low pitch flashing kits.

For a 15-90° roof of any other substrate, including lead or standing seam sheeting, choose VELUX ZWC special header flashing kit

VELUX do offer a flashing kit for non-traditional roof materials. If a roof isn’t slate or tiles it can still benefit from the looks and the light of a VELUX pitch roof window by utilising the ZWC flashing kit. This flashing kit is designed to overlap the roof material with a hood-like special head flashing. The installer then just needs to flash up to the window frame to ensure weather tightness. It’s not necessarily a flashing, it’s a covering to allow for a flashing on a non-traditional roof. Choose your size of VELUX ZWC special header flashing kit.

Please note: ZWC flashing can also be used when installing a VELUX pitch roof window into a self-built timber kerb on a flat roof.

velux conservation windows

Do you want your VELUX window to be installed as standard or recessed?

VELUX pitch roof windows can be installed in one of two ways, and this totally dependent on the final look a homeowner or builder is looking to go for. You can install VELUX windows as standard which means the window will protrude around 30mm from the roof line. When you install a recessed window, the window is installed 40mm deeper into the roof so the outside sits flush with the tiles. This gives a more streamlined and, in some opinions, better-looking finish. To achieve a recessed finish you need a different flashing kit.

For a 20-90° tile roof, choose VELUX EDJ recessed flashing kit

For tile roofs with tiles up to 90mm thick, opt for a VELUX EDJ recessed flashing kit for a flush-fit pitch roof window. This flashing must be installed on a roof with a minimum of 20 degrees so unfortunately roofs under 20 degrees aren’t compatible for installing recessed windows. Choose your size of VELUX EDJ recessed flashing kit.

For a 20-90° slate roof, choose VELUX EDN recessed flashing kit

This VELUX EDN recessed flashing kit is suited for slate roofs with a maximum slate thickness of 8mm. This kit isn’t suited to interlocking slates so be wary of what type of slate you have before purchasing. Choose your size of VELUX EDN recessed flashing kit.

Do you want any optional extras for your installation?

VELUX have given customers the option to increase their air-tightness and energy efficiency around roof windows as the importance of this becomes more entrenched in design and architecture. Choosing to make your window more energy efficient is not only beneficial to keep your bills low, it’s added value to your home and attractive to potential buyers! VELUX have a selection of complementary collars that will improve the energy efficiency of the window.

BDX Insulation Collar

A BDX insulation collar insulates around the frame of the window to reduce heat loss and remove cold bridges. It does this by being positioned between the window frame and the opening in the roof. It comes with the BFX underfelt collar which is described below.

BFX Underfelt Collar

The BFX underfelt collar must be installed with the BDX insulation collar, so if you purchase the BDX insulation collar you get the BFX underfelt collar with this. You can choose to purchase the BFX underfelt collar alone though to give a strong and secure weatherproof seal around the roof window. This seal will stop the elements entering the roof space and the tight, flexible seal maximises energy efficiency around the window frame.


If you still have questions on VELUX flashing kits, or if it’s still unclear which would be best for your roof, please contact us on 01752 692 760 where we can give you advice on what would work best. Find out more about VELUX pitched roof windows as a whole by reading our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

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