Whitesales flat roof skylights increase client satisfaction

flat-roof-whitesalesYou don’t need to work in the roofing trade to know that people love a skylight. All that extra natural light makes interiors look brighter and feel larger and more luxurious.

So the after-effects of installing a rooflight are immediately positive; your work spreads all this extra daylight into the space, which gives instant satisfaction to clients. The good news is that the positive effects aren’t just a short-term thing. In fact, studies demonstrate that in all sorts of buildings – from residential to workspaces to schools and hospitals – people get real benefit from increased natural light.

Those benefits include better concentration levels, boosted mood and positivity, higher levels of productivity and achievement, and even stronger immune systems and faster recovery rates from illness. Rooflights in particular improve living and working conditions, because they draw in three times more light than a vertical window the same size.

The better the product, the better your reputation

Whitesales is one of the country’s most respected rooflight manufacturers, with more than 25 years in the business. It’s Em-Dome polycarbonate rooflights, which includes the Em-Dome ECO for industry-leading thermal performance, Em-View, and Em-Glaze modular rooflights between them offer hundreds of standard sizes and shapes to suit any project.

All three ranges follow Whitesales’ simple rule: minimum frame, maximum light.

Perhaps best of all…

Whitesales understands the contractors’ challenges of cost, ease of installation and quality. Every rooflight has been independently tested and certified to exceed relevant building regulations, and comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard. There are proprietary upstands available, or they can be easily fitted to existing upstands using an adaptor. You can access NBS+ specifications, CAD drawings for each product to share with architects, get technical support and there are even walk-through installation videos to ensure a trouble-free installation.

View the full Em-Glaze, Em-Dome and Em-View ranges.