Why branding is important in business

Thinking of rebranding? Marketing and PR agency, Formedia, provide answers to some frequently asked questions, as well as explaining why when it comes to your brand, the devil is in the detail.

What does a ‘brand’ actually mean?

Businesses can often confuse the term ‘brand’ with ‘logo’; thinking the two are interchangeable. However, this is not the case, with a logo being just one element of your overall brand identity – albeit an important one!

Your brand should be reflected in everything from the design of your business cards and vehicle signage to the tone of voice used on your website, and all things in-between. In other words, it’s not just about what your company looks like; it’s how it communicates to the public as well.

Why is ‘brand’ important?

Creating a brand is a bit like building a house, with each extra block securing the structure. Your logo is the foundation, and often acts as the first stimulus on the customer journey. From your colour scheme to the device you use, this is the basis for all your promotional material going forward – meaning it needs to be strong.

Continuing with our house metaphor – would you start building a Georgian terrace and then switch to a French provincial manor house half way through? Probably not, and it’s the same case with your brand – once you get the foundation right, keep the rest of the brand build to a consistent style and quality. With a solid brand in place, you will start to build familiarity with your customers, which in turn will reinforce their loyalty to you.

What should you consider when rebranding?

This isn’t a case of downloading a relevant image from Google and pasting the company name beside it in a Microsoft Word document! When creating a logo, it is always advisable to seek a professional designer or branding expert.

Work closely with the designer to pick the colours that best represent your company’s personality. Red represents businesses that are energetic, strong-minded and ‘go-getters’. Blue has a perception of calmness, sophistication and structure – a common choice for successful global corporations.

Although a well-experienced graphic designer will give you a great brand look, it’s important to use a marketing agency to ensure your chosen style is evident across all business material, from social media posts to press releases.

What comes after the logo?

When it comes to tone of voice, don’t stray too far from what you know – consider the personalities in your company; taking cues from the vocabulary used and the way you team communicates with customers.

What is your ‘Unique Selling Point’? Utilise these strengths throughout your copy, drawing attention to the specialist services on offer, or the traits that cement you as leaders or innovators in the industry.

Should we rebrand?

It’s important to keep your brand looking fresh – but this doesn’t have to mean ‘ultra-modern’. You can keep an air of tradition and distinction, while dropping the Times New Roman font you’ve been desperately holding onto for years!

Your customers need to believe that you are keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and advances in the industry. If your website looks unkempt and your brochures are tired, it won’t give a positive first impression to potential new customers.

You have decided to go for it – now what?

If you do choose to rebrand, it’s very important that you don’t lose your identity. Develop the logo using the same colours, or shapes that featured originally. Brand is all about trust and a shock change could lead to confusion amongst loyal purchasers.

Make sure you release your new brand look across all promotional material from letterheads to brochures, to avoid inconsistencies. You can also pre-warn loyal customers that a change is coming and ask for their involvement and feedback to help keep them included.

But most of all, enjoy the process! It’s a great opportunity to really show off your business in the best light possible – so take it slow and get it right.


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