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CORRAPOL® offer a vast array of roofing sheets that are designed to suit a variety of applications and personal requirements when it comes to roofing. From clear to colourful, the roofing sheets by CORRAPOL® can be a fine asset to your roofing structure. 

CORRAPOL® Stormproof

Stormproof CORRAPOL® is a clean, clear roofing sheet that offers a simple look with the same high standard efficiency. The plastic resin material offers a virtually unbreakable solution that will not only last many years, but won't crack during repairs (similar to PVC). So when you think it's time to replace the roofing sheet because of age, think again as this roofing sheet can keep looking good for the long term without concern for it going yellow or brittle. 


PVC CORRAPOL® is an alternative solution to the Stormproof design. Despite its lesser durability, it can still be a fantastic waterproofing product in the long term. This type of roofing sheet is also lightweight and low-cost, meaning any keen DIYer can obtain and use it with ease. 


GRP CORRAPOL® is the high-strength counterpart to the Stormproof range. It's for those who prefer a cost-effective solution, but still need some form of strong durability. This high-ridge, high-strength product is ideal for providing privacy where needed and can be installed where direct sunlight is relatively low. 


Corrugated bitumen roofing sheets are a type of roofing solution that has been used for a variety of applications over many years. Especially on sheds, outbuildings and similar properties. It's continuously admired not only because of its easy installation, but also little need for continuous maintenance and highly admired waterproof properties. 

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