KoverTek - Paints & Adhesion Promotors

KoverTek boasts an extensive selection of acrylics, paint and roofing accessories which are broadly defined by their TekCryl, TekPur and TekTor product ranges.

TekCryl is a roof coating that has been formulated to give optimal flexibility and durability. All colours are low odour and benefit from a high dry film build due to the high solids content of the product.

TekPur is a solvent free, low odour 2-part Polyurethane system with a liquid activator and is a versatile product for use on new construction and refurbishment projects for weatherproofing and coating applications. It is for application by professional roofers, experienced in cold lay wet on wet systems.

TekTor is an advanced variable surface paint designed for use on a very wide range of materials such as UPVC windows, plastics, metals, woods, render, brickwork, and cementitious surfaces.

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